Starting a Modular Center

Thank you for expressing interest in opening an EDP Modular Center of Christian Life International Bible College. We encourage you for your decision to assist in the training and development of students of the Bible. Our proctors are an integral part of our program, for they provide the kind of personal contact absent in so many other non-resident degree programs. We feel confident that our program can help you develop your ministry expression, giving you the opportunity to study the Bible, and help direct students in your area.

If you are interested in opening a Modular Center, please review the materials information on this site and contact your nearest CLIBC office.

Starting a Modular Center
After you have received the guide then you are ready to start an EDP Modular Center. Follow the timeline below to make the Modular Center as successful as possible. Use this as a checklist:

Step 1: Receive EDP Modular Center Manual
  • Read through the entire Manual
Step 2: Go to your LOCAL FIELD OFFICE
  • Pick up Modular Center Flyers
  • Pick up Application Packets
  • Pick up Registration Forms
  • Pick up Grade Sheets
  • Pick up Student Instructions Sheets
  • Pick up Ministry Hour Forms
  • Pick up Feedback Form
  • Pick up Course Syllabi, Homework Packets, and Tests
  • Pick up Course Books and Receipt Book
Step 3: Advertise
  • Locate a church that can host the Modular Center (in most cases it will be your own church)
  • Fill out flyers with location, date, and time
  • Distribute flyers two weeks before Registration
Step 4: (WEEK 1) Register Students
  • New Students must fill out an application form and pay $5.00 US
  • All Students must pay $8.00 US in full before they can begin the course
  • Give students receipt, instruction form, ministry hour form, syllabus, course book, and homework packet
  • Return tuition money, new student applications, and left over materials to the LOCAL FIELD OFFICE within 1 week
  • Enter enrolled students names and ID # on Grade Sheet
Step 5: (WEEK 2-5) Run Modular Center
  • Check homework from week before
  • Lecture on the assigned topics as described in the syllabus
  • Hand out tests
  • Collect and grade tests - enter grades on Grade Sheet
  • On the last week, collect Ministry Hour Form and enter on Grade Sheet
  • NOTE: You should begin advertising the next five week course during this time because there will be no break between courses
Step 6: Finish Grades and Report to Field Office
  • Complete Grade Sheet and return it to the LOCAL FIELD OFFICE
  • Turn Feedback Form into the LOCAL FIELD OFFICE
  • Pick up all necessary materials for next course (see step 2)
Now that you have run through this checklist once, you can continue the process. Any questions should be directed to the LOCAL FIELD OFFICE.

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Starting a Modular Center
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