There are many powerful ways that CLIBC may serve the purposes of the local church.

Lay Leadership Ministry: Churches that use a cell-group approach would find this cost effective and easily administrated.

Comprehensive Discipleship Strategies: The straightforward book-of-the-Bible approach is easily adapted to individual class study, thematic development, or topical analysis.

Ascension Gift Ministries: Those with a genuine call of God will find one of the single richest deposits of divine truth of any Bible curriculum available today.

Degree Program Opportunities: Those interested in obtaining a genuine Bible degree may do so at a fraction of the cost of any other external Bible college available.

Residential Degree Program
The special curriculum of the Residential Program at CLIBC places a strong emphasis on studying the Word of God. Our degree program is a complete study of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, incorporating a unique method of practical application and training.

External Degree Program
The EDP is a revolutionary Bible training program designed for ministers, students and believers. From rapid growth areas to remote villages, this Bible training program can be used to develop the local church and its ministries.

Correspondence Degree Program
The CDP is a Bible training program is similar to the EDP, but all materials are relative to a central location, with teachers communicating to students through a correspondence method rather than an in person interaction. it is designed for those students who live to far from a Proctoring Center with the External Program or a Residence Program.

Modular Degree Program
The Modular Centers are a unique way of instruction. it is neither a fully residential nor an external program. Residential programs can be time consuming and costly. External programs eliminate these problems, but many find it difficult to study the Bible without an instructor. That is why CLIBC developed the Modular Center format.