Let us help equip you with the knowledge of the Word so you can take the Gospel to your city, your nation, and your world!

There is a powerful move of the Spirit of God in our day. Today, multiplied thousands are coming to Christ all around the world. In many areas, so many people are coming to Christ, that CHURCHES ARE GROWING FASTER THAN THE SUPPLY OF LEADERS.

Pastors must be trained in the areas where this kind of rapid church growth is taking place. But many who want to go to Bible school cannot afford to leave their jobs or church responsibilities to attend a traditional college.

The traditional view and method of obtaining a Bible college education must be enlarged. We must no longer limit Bible training to a residential institution; we must make the Bible college mobile; we must bring the training to the students.

Developed from over 30 years of international ministry experience by Dr. Roger V. Houtsma, the Christian Life International Bible College External Degree program is designed to provide a Biblical education at each student's pace, and allow students to remain in their local area to continue their present home, job and ministry responsibilities, and all at a cost anyone can afford.

Students are primarily instructed through course textbooks. The course is divided into four semesters of work, with four classes per semester.

Students may apply, register, enroll and take tests at any time, which allows them the freedom to complete courses at their own pace, but there is an 18 week recommended course schedule provided for each semester, and a maximum of one year is allowed to complete a single course. If a student does not complete the course within one year, that student must re-register with our local field office.

For practical training and experience in Christian ministry, the student is assigned fieldwork during the first two semesters. Each 18-week semester the student must perform 5 hours of ministry weekly. During the final two semesters the student becomes an intern, and is responsible to minister the word to at least 10 people each week.

Our program provides the difference of a personal touch missing in most external degree programs. This is accomplished through the establishment of local area "proctors" who directly supervise students. This kind of local accountability and personal involvement is the heart of a unique training approach designed to release proven ministry through relationship.

The proctor's main responsibilities require that they meet weekly with their students, be available for questions, administer tests, monitor fieldwork and internship commitments, and report progress to our local field office. This level of personal interaction is exactly what is provided by our program that is absent in so many other Bible curricula.

Pastors are encouraged to become proctors for their local area, and in this way, broaden the scope of their respective ministries. Proctors are encouraged to recruit interested students in as large or small an area as they feel they can effectively administrate. But as well, we encourage elders and approved church leaders to be proctor candidates. There is a tremendous opportunity for local ministers to enlarge their present ministry, to invest in those called to lead the church, and earn extra income.

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