The Christian Life International Bible College Correspondence Program is designed to provide a Biblical education at each student's pace, and allow students to remain in their local area to continue their present home, job and ministry responsibilities, at an affordable cost.

Students are primarily instructed through course textbooks. The course is divided into four semesters of work, with four classes per semester.

Students may apply, register, enroll and take tests at any time, which allows them freedom to complete courses at their own pace. There is an 18 week recommended course schedule provided for each semester, and a maximum of one year is allowed to complete a single course. If a student does not complete the course within one year, that student must re-register with our local field office.

For practical training and experience in Christian ministry, the student is assigned fieldwork during the first two semesters. Each 18-week semester the student must perform 5 hours of ministry weekly. During the final two semesters the student becomes an intern, and is responsible to minister the Word to at least 10 people each week.

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