Dear Proctor,

Thank you for expressing interest in Christian Life International Bible College. We encourage you for your decision to assist in the training and development of students of the Bible. Our proctors are an integral part of our program, for they provide the kind of personal contact absent in so many other non-resident degree programs. We feel confident that our program can help you develop your ministry expression, giving you the opportunity to study the Bible, and help direct students in your area.

We are glad to be able to provide you with information about our program. The following material provides instructions about how to apply and register. Prerequisites, standards and expectations are briefly explained.

The Program
The External Degree program of Christian Life International Bible College is designed to provide a Biblical education at each student's pace, while allowing students to remain in their local area to continue their work and ministry. Church attendance each week is considered part of the required training for all students.

Students will be primarily instructed through course textbooks. The course is divided into four semesters of work, with four classes per semester.

Each student will be supervised locally by a "proctor" who will meet with the student for 4 hours each week. The proctor will be available for questions, to administer tests, to approve fieldwork and internship, and monitor and report progress to our local field office. The student's proctor can, but does not need to be his pastor.

Students may enroll at any time, and complete courses at their own pace, but there is an 18 week recommended course schedule provided for each semester, and a maximum of one year is allowed to complete a single course. If a student does not complete the course within one year, that student must re-register with our local field office. Tests may be taken at any time.

The student will be given all testing materials in sealed envelopes, and when they are ready to take the test, are to bring it to the proctor, who verifies the integrity of the contents, administers and grades the test and then forwards the completed exam and scores to the office. Tests are kept on file for the current semester only; and destroyed at the semester end.

For practical experience in Christian ministry, the first two semesters the student is assigned fieldwork, and is responsible to perform 5 hours of ministry for a period of 18 weeks each semester. The last two semesters, the student becomes an intern, and is responsible to minister the word to at least 10 people each week. In both cases, the student will report to the proctor, who must approve the student's supervisor. We recommend that the student's Pastor act as his supervisor and then report to the proctor. The requirements for fieldwork and internship are graded on a pass/fail basis.

There is no cost to become a proctor. Proctors are responsible to know the course material, and are required to purchase textbooks. Proctors who enroll ten students or more will receive a free set of textbooks; in cases where a proctor cannot enroll 10 students, the set may be purchased for $1.50 per volume.

All fees are due in advance, and financing is not available.
No refunds will be given once the materials have been released.

Application, Registration, and Enrollment
Enrollment is open throughout the year. Students must apply directly to the Christian Life International field office. The office will register the student and notify the proctor. The student will be considered enrolled when course materials are sent. Proctors must apply both to the college and also as a proctor. Please fill out both applications and send them directly to the field office.

See also Scholastic Regulations

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