The Modular Center
The External Degree Program (EDP) Modular Centers are a unique way of instruction. It is neither a fully residential or external program. Residential programs can be time consuming and transportation is often times a problem. External programs eliminate these problems, but many find it difficult to study the Bible without an instructor. That is why Christian Life International Bible College developed the Modular Center format.

The Program
Students will be primarily instructed through course textbooks and lectures in the centers. The course is divided into four semesters with four classes per semester.

Through the Modular Center format, students will complete one course every five weeks. Students will attend the Center one day per week for approximately 4 hours on the assigned day. The first week will be registration and some lecture, while the four subsequent weeks will include lectures, homework, and tests.

Students enroll in one class at a time. A semester consists of four courses. There will be no break between individual courses, but there will be a break between semesters.

The proctor will be given all student applications, student registration forms, syllabi, homework, tests, ministry hour forms, and grade sheets. All of these materials will be available for the proctors at their assigned LOCAL office. The proctor will pick up these materials before every five-week course that they intend to teach. At the end of the five-week course, the proctor will return grade sheets and any unused materials, and then pick up new materials for their next course.

For practical experience in Christian ministry, students are also required to complete five hours of ministry per week. That is a total of twenty hours per course. The student's Pastor will act as his supervisor and will acknowledge the student's hours of ministry by signing his ministry hour form. This form is due at the day of the last test. A total of 360 ministry hours are required for a Ministerial Arts Degree through Christian Life International Bible College.

New students may apply at the local office at any time, or through an EDP Center proctor during the registration days of the EDP Modular Center, which will occur every five weeks. The application cost is $5.00 US equivalency in nations with emerging economies, in the US $25. Students who are accepted will be assigned a Student Identification Number, which can be used to track the progress of students. The local office and not the proctor of the EDP Modular Center will assign this number.

Once the student has applied to the local office or through their proctor, they can register for courses. Registration will take place once a month at the EDP Modular Center. The student cost for a single course is the local currency equivalent of $8.00 US equivalency in nations with emerging economies, in the US $150. This price includes: semester and course registration; all books; study guides; and all tests. All fees are due in advance and no financing is available.

No refunds will be given once the materials have been released.

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