In 1973 Brother Houtsma founded his first Bible College, and has established several others since.

Since 1974 Dr. Houtsma has been holding crusades in India, Asia, Africa, Russia, and South America. Closing crowds in these meetings have reached up to 700,000 people in a single service. Over 8 1/4 million have received Christ in their lives, and countless thousands have been. Many new churches have been born out of these meetings.

In connection with each Crusade, Dr. Houtsma and Team personally instruct National Ministers in the methods of evangelism and the principles of ministry with Gods miracle power that have been so effective in his meetings. As the National receives instruction in the Conference concerning how to flow with Gods healing power, his life and ministry are changed. When the same miracles take place in their lives, they are never the same again!

The lives of Pastors, Evangelists, and workers attending the Leadership Conferences have been revitalized and set aflame for God. To date Dr. Houtsma has helped to train over 200,000 National Ministers and workers in these Leadership Conferences.
In 1981 Dr. Houtsma founded Christian Life International Bible College. As the harvest and ministry continued to grow in the nations of the world, CLIBC began to plant Bible colleges in areas of need for leadership training.

Today Christian Life International Bible College has Residential Programs in the United States, Russia, Republic of the Congo, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire).

Recently an External Degree Program and a Correspondence Program have been launched to help train leaders in the rapidly growing church of today. Presently these programs have students in Russia, India, Mexico, the United States, and 10 African nations.

Due to the transportation problems in the congested cities of the world a Modular Program has been created. This has proven to be a great tool for many churches and cities to develop leadership training.