Dear Prospective Student:

Thank you for showing an interest in Christian Life International Bible College. We are committed to each student as they pursue a substantial study of God's Word.

In the Day in which we live, when a man or woman responds to the heart of the Father and the call of God, it is so necessary that they give themselves to a deep, Spirit-directed and applied study of the Bible. It was the Apostle Paul who exhorted his "son in the Lord" Timothy to "study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth."

Many are aware that we live in the time of the greatest harvest the world has ever seen. However, many do not realize that this harvest will need to be discipled, developed, and then released into ministry. Through the practical application of Bible study, coupled with the molding and power of the Holy Spirit, we are confident that this program will be very profitable to yourself, and your ministry.

Should you choose to attend Christian Life International, our office will make every effort to provide the materials and support you might need.

If we can serve you, or if any questions arise regarding the application process, please feel free to contact our field office.

The Program
The External Degree program of Christian Life International Bible College is designed to provide a Biblical education at each student's pace, while allowing students to remain in their local area to continue their work and ministry. Church attendance each week is considered part of the required training for all students.

Students will be primarily instructed through course textbooks. The course is divided into four semesters of work, with four classes per semester.

Your Proctor
Each student must be supervised locally by a "proctor". Students may have been introduced to the program by their proctor. If you already know who your proctor is, please indicate his name in the place provided on your application. However, if you do not have a proctor, and would like help locating one, indicate this on your registration form, and our field office will assist you. If there is one available in your area, we will help you contact him.

If there is no official CLIBC proctor available to you, then you will need to locate someone who will serve as a person to whom you will be accountable for tests and fieldwork, and you will be responsible to report this person to our field office for our records. We strongly suggest this person be your pastor, or an elder in your church, since they will be personally involved in your life and ministry. If you, or someone you know, would be a proctor candidate, please give us their name, and address or telephone number, and we will send them information.

When possible, you should meet with your proctor each week. You will be responsible to study on your own, but the proctor should be capable of answering questions, administering tests, and approving fieldwork and internship assignments. The proctor will monitor and report your progress to our local field office.

Students may enroll at any time, and complete courses at their own pace, but there is an 18 week recommended course schedule provided for each semester, and a maximum of one year is allowed to complete a single course. If a student does not complete the course within one year, that student must re-register with our local field office. Tests may be taken at any time. The student must request tests from the proctor, who administers the test and sends the results to the field office.

For practical experience in Christian ministry, the first two semesters the student is assigned fieldwork, and is responsible to perform 5 hours of ministry for a period of 18 weeks each semester. The last two semesters, the student becomes an intern, and is responsible to minister the word to at least 10 people each week. In both cases, the student will report to the proctor, who must approve the student's supervisor. We recommend that the student's Pastor act as his supervisor and then report to the proctor. The requirements for fieldwork and internship are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Christian Life International Bible College recognizes the need for practical experience in Christian ministry. Degree requirements include a fieldwork assignment that is designed to help challenge the students' talents and abilities. Regular discussion and supervised instruction are required, as well as a written term report on the area of activity involved.

Internship is an extension of the fieldwork experience for all students. This involves an assignment during the last year of schooling to a cooperating church in the area. Regular discussion with a staff member and supervised instruction help to make this program rich in growth and experience. Written reports are required on the area of activity involved.

Incomplete Work
a. Coursework: At the discretion and consent of the instructor, a student may receive an incomplete grade for a course. The student will then be allowed 30 days following the completion of the course (i.e., 30 days from the posted final day of the semester) to complete the course work.

It will be the responsibility of the student to complete all course work within the 30-day period; no attempt will be initiated by the Administration or the Instructor to resolve the incomplete.

An incomplete grade (I) in any course will be changed to a failing grade (F) if the work is not fulfilled within 30 days following termination of the course.

b. Field Ministry and Observation Reports: These reports must be completed by the Friday before finals week. No incompletes will be given. Failure to meet this schedule will result in a failing grade (F), and the loss of credit for this requirement for that semester.

c. Graduation: Students with an incomplete in any course will have their degree withheld until all requirements are fulfilled.

The cost in the UNITED STATES AND ADVANCED ECONOMIES is $225 per course or $700 per semester. This price includes: semester and course registration; all books; study guides; and tests. THE COST IN DEVELOPING ECONOMIES for a full semester is normally the local currency equivalent of $30.00 US. The cost for a single course is the local currency equivalent of $10.00 US. This price includes: semester and course registration; all books; study guides; all tests. All fees are due in advance, and financing is not available. No refunds will be given once the materials have been released.

Application, Registration, and Enrollment
Enrollment is open throughout the year. Students must apply directly to the Christian Life International field office. The office will register the student and notify the proctor. The student will be considered enrolled when course materials are sent.

See also Scholastic Regulations

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