Dear Student,

Thank you for expressing interest in Christian Life International Bible College. We encourage you in your decision to pursue a college degree level study of the Bible. We feel confident that our program can help you do so at a very affordable cost, while allowing you the benefit of continuing to labor in your present church and remain at your current job.

We are glad to be able to provide you with information about our program.

The informational material provides instructions about how to apply and register. Prerequisites, standards and expectations are briefly explained.

The Program
The Correspondence program of Christian Life International Bible College is designed to provide a Biblical education at each student's pace, while allowing students to remain in their local area to continue their work and ministry. Church attendance each week is considered part of the required training for all students.

Students will be primarily instructed through course textbooks. The course is divided into four semesters of work, with four classes per semester.

The cost in the UNITED STATES AND ADVANCED ECONOMIES is $225 per course or $700 per semester. This price includes: semester and course registration; all books; study guides; and tests. THE COST IN DEVELOPING ECONOMIES for a full semester is normally the local currency equivalent of $30.00 US. The cost for a single course is the local currency equivalent of $10.00 US. This price includes: semester and course registration; all books; study guides; all tests. All fees are due in advance, and financing is not available. No refunds will be given once the materials have been released.

Application, Registration, and Enrollment
Enrollment is open throughout the year. Students must apply directly to the Christian Life International field office. The office will register the student and notify the proctor. The student will be considered enrolled when course materials are sent.

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