Welcome to the Christian Life International Bible College web site. The special curriculum at Christian Life International Bible College places a strong emphasis on studying the Word of God. A thorough knowledge of the Word is necessary to be equipped for any aspect of Christian ministry. Therefore, instead of considering peripheral subjects, CLIBC focuses entirely on the Bible.

The program is designed to help equip the saints for the work of the ministry, whether it be a call to special service or lay ministry. The program gives students a thorough knowledge of Godís Word with practical experience, preparing him or her to effectively serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Along with the emphasis on the Word is the desire to see Biblical truth develop in the life and experience of the student. For this purpose, field ministry and internship involvements are required; these assignments are available in a variety of areas. This type of hands on training helps to produce graduates who are not novices in their field of Christian service. All field ministry and internship involvements are local church based.
The training of believers for ministry in the early Church was always tied to a local body of believers where the training would find practical application. Such training allows the student to be a part of a New Testament Church that is flowing with the resurrection life of Jesus Christ and moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. Principles taught in the classroom are demonstrated in the ministry of the Church, both at home and in its vision for world missions. This provides opportunity for the student to observe and become involved in an effective and growing Church through which the studentís own calling and preparation may be worked out experientially.

A strong emphasis on the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit makes Christian Life International Bible College unique. Teaching on the gifts of the Spirit as well as focus on passages that apply to the end of the church age provide an opportunity for the student to grow in his or her understanding and preparation to impact in this generation.